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The construction of Ozleworth Cricket Ground

Back in May 2020, Willow Turf care was asked to put forward a proposal to Ozleworth Park to construct a cricket ground on the estate. We were successful in our bid to gain the contract and built a 5 wicket square, which is Ongar based and a depth of 100mm was achieved. The outfield was disced, ploughed, stone buried and sprayed for pests.

This was the site approximately 12,500m2 before being sprayed with Glyphosate

The site being disced

Outfield being stone buried

Ongar Loam arriving

Square after the third layer being laid

Fleece on the square after being seeded

Modelling the new square

Call Richie for your square or wicket construction now on 07807080733

In March 2021, the square was stitched by Sis Pitches.

The owner then bought a Baroness LM331 ex demo for use on the outfield

And a new Dennis mower

Eric cutting the square

Mid prep for the first game 10 months on after installation. July 2021

Match day in the morning

3 fixtures of t20's were played

Great to get a friend to capture some drone footage on the day

Contact me on 07807080733 for quotes on square installations


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